Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alright so this is what I have so far. My wardrobe is a work in progress and my mom and I are still on the look out for shoes and shirts that I can definitely sweat in! Now the most important thing to remember is that your clothes need to look professional, cover your underwear (by the way they do have tall garments you just need to special order them and I suggest if you're tall like me you get them!) also you need to look modern and stylish!

Now these skirts are your basics and they might not look super cute but trust me they are! So now on to where I found them. The top left corner is a dark green skirt and is the same as the bottom right skirt but that one is in black and both come with a reversible black/brown belt. They are found at modcloth.com which is the same place the lighter blue skirt was found. The top middle skirt is a patterned green-ish teal-ish blue-ish skirt. It is found at eddiebauer.com. The top right skirt is a dark blue pencil skirt most likely for zone conference since I won't be able to take a wide step and it was found at a JCPenney store. The bottom left skirt has a red, blue, and black pattern and was found at kohls.com.

To shirts we go! The top left is from Liz Claiborne and I love love love Liz Claiborne! You can find her stuff on jcpenney.com under the tall clothes. The next two shirts on the top are from Kohls women section. The bottom left shirt is from eddiebauer.com. The bottom two shirts in the middle and on the right are also from Liz Claiborne.

Alright now to the last of the shirts with some sweaters and belts. So the top left shirt is from oldnavy.com. The top middle shirt and the bottom middle shirt are from talbots.com. For my mission the only jackets that are required are two sweaters and these sweaters are short sleeved and are from eddiebauer.com. I also included belts because when you buy plus size (1X, 2X etc.) they like to make it wider without making it longer however sometimes they will  length it too. So I would buy a couple of belts to give your outfits a pop of color as well as making sure things don't look to baggy on you.

One of the hardest pieces of clothing to find: the dress. Most dresses that are sold are soooo short but there is an amazing, fantastic, awesome website called eshakti.com. It shows you a bunch of dresses/skirts/shirts that you can customize. You can type in your height and say that you want the hem at the knee or below the knee. Also if it comes with a sleeve type you don't like you can change it to a bunch of different options like to the elbow, cap, short puffed sleeve, etc. Then the dress will come with your choices. Now not all dresses come with these sleeve options. Also I believe you can change the neck but that is not as common. With the yellow dress I have shown this was advertised as having no sleeves so I got mine customized to have elbow length sleeves. Of course with both of these dresses I had it customized to hit me below the knee with my height typed in. Now these dresses aren't cheap but they aren't expensive either. Each dress was way under $100 but more than $50. I  believe it to be totally worth it when you get a modest heavy duty dress.
Well are you still with me or have I bored you? I think for further help I'm going to post a list of websites that have tall clothing and some websites that don't specifically have tall clothing but you just have to check for that random skirt or shirt that would be long enough. You have to dig a little to find what you're looking for but trust me, you'll find clothes.

Eddie Bauer online tall shop
Long Tall Sally online tall shop
eshakti---best customized skirts/shirts/dresses website in the world!
JCPenney-Liz Claiborne online for tall
Old Navy online tall shop
Gap online tall shop
J. Jill online tall shop
Landsend plus size but some clothes are long
JCrew online tall shop
Target-long work out t-shirts for pdays, also good socks and sports bras
Clarks-heavy duty shoes
Chacos-heavy duty sandals
Timbuk2-waterproof bag
I got the small black messenger bag. They come in xs, s, m. l, xl and either the small or extra small seems like the right size to hold your scriptures, preach my gospel, planner, pens, pass along cards, a few Books of Mormon and anything else.

Just a scripture to end with. It is found in Alma 37:36-37
"Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.
Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good..."

I figure this is a good scripture to end my fashion post with because I know for a fact that God has directed my mom and I when we have counseled with him on where to look for clothes. I've definitely cried in frustration and have received His support. As I've come closer to giving my life over to the Lord for 18 months I have tried to keep my thoughts more directed on the Lord. Now laugh all you want about me praying to Heavenly Father to find clothes but this is a huge concern of mine that has also been an issue and know that He wants to help us no matter the problem. Now don't be afraid to get on your knees and pray for anything.

Well so long for now everyone


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