Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HOLA!! :) October 22, 2013

Here in the CCM (means MTC in español). The weeks feel like days and the days feel like years!  Everyone kept telling us oh you just have to wait until Sunday for everything to calm down and not be freaked out! So we made it!

The first picture is self explanatory. That's my name tag
the second one is the day i got off the plane, I look horrible!

The first is of the hermanas in my district, it's Hermana Josse, Hermana Wadley, Hermana Cahan and me 
the second is me and my companion

This is my entire district, we have Elder Springer, Hartzog, Olsen, Workman, Homer, Gilmore and then the sisters
the second is of elder homer, he looks like napolean dynamite in those glasses.

BLISTERS!! YAY! my left foot hurts, but my right has none!
district at the temple!

My español is coming along very nicely. I pray in español, we teach in español, it's just awesome to be immersed in a place like the CCM where everyone here speaks spanish and can help you out.

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