Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The rest of my time at the CCM

Hunger games!

 My entire district in front of the CCM sign

This is the stereotypical map that everyone points to to show where they are going. We don't have a map like that in the CCM so we improvised!

On our way to get breakfast this morning!

The B on the mountain, the school was called Benemerito

Our lovely view!

Me and my companion at TALL, it's this computer program that is suppose to help you learn Spanish but none of us like.

Me and an Elder in our district. His name is Elder Homer and don't mind my face, I just didn't want my picture taken! 

Elder Olsen, I bought him that tie at the tienda, everyone believes I have good style when it comes to ties, I better because I have 3 brothers

Elder Olsen, Elder Workman, and Elder Hartzog. All these three Elders remind me of Nick, Pete, and Alex. Elder Olsen is Nick. Elder Workman is Alex and Elder Hartzog is Pete. Their personalities just match up perfectly. 

This is my district at the temple, we're missing one elder because he was sick.

Our latina friends!

My broken watch, still working but the glass is cracked and it's rusting so any robber can have this watch without a fight!

Our group at the temple.

I've made it to my last week here at the CCM! Where did the time go?? 

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