Friday, January 10, 2014


So my area is Corinto. It's the BEACH! It's super hot and we are just starting summer! Ahhhh! I never stop sweating but that's alright, although in the morning it's a little cold when you are throwing a bucket over your head full of water. But I love it here.

This is my mission, just a little piece of heaven
Sunset on the Corinto Beach
A bunch of guys were playing soccer on the beach

The sunset again
So the situation with the food is that we go to Amorosa´s house and she feeds us only lunch or dinner, one meal, and it's usually lunch. She also does our laundry which is sweet!!! The food is a lot of beans and rice which is fine by me.

The beach, you can't see the house but that is where we always eat lunch.

On the beach with the house we eat at behind me

 Do you know how much water it takes to flush a toilet!! I would know because I have to fill it up to flush it out! We have no running water and we take showers with buckets! It's pretty sweet and freezing! But I honestly love it!

I am super tall here. I tower over everyone it's not even funny.

Our baptism-my first

The ward here is super small! About 70 people come every week, but everyone goes to sacrament meeting and then leaves after that hour. 

The Corinto Hermanas at an activity for all of our Recent Converts for Christmas
Us and some rockin members, on Christmas day.
This lady is awesome
Our baptism of Ariel.

At our mission activity
Again at the mission activity
We take a lot of pictures together
My comp and Hermana Pochop
Me and Hermana Pochop being dorks
The most ugliest cat that lives in our attic.
Con amor de la playa Corinto Nicaragua
Hermana Janzen