Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jinotego (February-March 2014)

Jinotega is freezing! I have never been so cold, especially at night.

One big obstacle is that our area is super dangerous. We aren't allowed in certain parts of our area after 8 which stinks because we have to leave at like 7:45 and then we just walk around trying to find people but because it's so cold no one is out. Except for the security guards we´ve made friends with one of them. 

This picture was at a baptism, it just goes to show how tan I am

This is our whiteboard at home, I thought it was pretty clever, my comp drew it. Gators for Investigators, Pirhanas because they are just dorks and snails for less actives

Me and Hermana Ewing bought sweatpants because we were only wearing shorts and we were freezing also because we went zip lining as a zone!

The amazing view of Matagalpa

Me and my compy

That's me and Cahan, we were comps in the CCM

Cahan, Yours truly, Ewing

Matagalpa at my finger tips

A remake of the epic scene from Titanic

Us in all our gear to go zip lining

All the hermanas in the zone

That's me, I blend in with the trees

Me closer up

Me and Ewing

me and this super cute, clean puppy

Lunch after zip lining

Ice Cream at Eskimo for Hermana Ewing´s birthday

Part of our area, lovely horse

Another part of our area, this is called Villa la Cruz because on the mountain there is this giant cross

Me and Maria Louis, she is the bomb

Me and Maria Louisa holding up Elder Torres

I picked the baptismal font lock....the explanation the Elders have for this talent is because I grew up in DC

That's a little bit of the city of Jinotega

Us getting ready for the day

I cut my comps hair, I did a pretty good job for never doing it before

All the white girls in Zona Matagalpa and Zona Esteli

Cahan (MTC comp), Me, and my comp now Hna Ewing

Our usual dinner, just trying to keep our girlish figure

That was our last pday when we drove to Managua then turned around and drove back home. About 10 hours in a bus

Why not throw in a selfie! I usually dont take selfies but I figured I would allow myself just one

Us being dorks, Ewing´s sister in law sent FUN DIP!

More fun dip

I wrote this in the Baggy in one of the Elders in my district, I thought it was quite funny! Ask someone to translate the stickers for yah if you don't know spanish

Our terrible tan lines!

BEANS! they just look like poop

We made tortillas and they are super hard to do, mine got burnt oops!

Us doing work! 4 hours of service!

I held a monkey! It did not want to let go and it was awesome!!!

Alto in spanish means tall as well as for their stop signs, I am as tall as their stop signs! I have to duck when I go under

This is me, Maria Louisa, Netty, and Carlos

Ewing and Maria Louisa

Me and Maria Louisa

That's our board, and that would be me sleeping at about 9 on a sunday, sundays are the hardest to stay awake!

We found a donkey on our way to hiking up the cross today so we decided to take pictures with it xD

A picture of the cross we hiked up to

Just me and the cross

Just me and Ewing

Just me and Ewing

I got all scraped up from carrying blocks for the house we were building, I had some nasty cuts

Me and Elder Cruz played real life Jenga, he won because he cheated!

That was us watching the Women´s General Conference Broadcast

There is a scripture that says preach the gospel to every creature so I tried sharing the book of mormon to this horse but it freaked out on me

We had a watermelon eating conteset, I won because part of my watermelon fell on the floor!

We made snow!

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