Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mas Corinto (February 2014)

 I can't even begin to explain how much I love Corinto! I am definitely coming back here in the future!

Me and Combe

This was the winning team for the games we played! Oh Yeah!
This is a triciculo, it's the mode of transportation here. It costs 5 cords which is about 20 cents
This is Cristian, he's a member and we were watching the boats pass on sunday
This photo is from New Year's Eve. The tradition here is to make stuffed dumbies and then at 12am they burn them. Super weird but pretty cool.
That's Hermana Garcia with me. We were on companion exchanges
Our district without our DL rodriguez, that's me, Lopez, Flores, Garcia and Combe
We saw a cruise ship again and because we live so close to where the ships are we went shopping a little bit.
Cruise Ship!!!
The cruise ship that came by

A Recent Convert, she has the longest hair ever! Grows super fast
Those are our guard dogs! Buzz and Woody
Me eating some fish. I love the fish here, super amazing!

That's of Nestor, he got baptized
Soupa de Mundungo......disgusting. oh so disgusting
Soupa de Mundungo.

Just a cool picture taken by yours truly

We ate coconuts, I picked them from the palm tree and then a member used his Machete to cut them up. It was sweet!!
Me and combe
Me pulling off the coconuts
Lookin like a baller with a coconut
Straw in the coconut and drink it all up

Our baptism of BENCALI! It's Bencali, Chedwin, Combe and then Me :)

Our District, that is Garcia, Lopez, Combe, Me, Flores and Rodriguez

That's our district after lunch on Sunday with Anna Rosa and Christian and Spencer their grandson..
Just me and Combe with Anna Rosa, Christian, and Spencer.

Me and Combe!

That's where we ate everyday, right on the beach although the Elders were usually not with us

That's our awesome house

This is our favorite restaurant! It has amazing banana con leche, cocoa, fresa con leche!

The park in our area

That's by this mural of fishes, it's by the entrada de la isla del amor! (entrance to the island of love) That 'island' smelled so bad

Us with some recent converts of past Hermanas.

A sick view of the volcano in Chinandega!

Us with some amazing members!

This is a drawing done by our Recent Convert Bencali. He's an amazing artist!

These guys are Raul and Glenda and they are amazing!

Me and Glenda, she was super sad to see us go

This is the happiest baby I know! That baby lives in our house and never cries!!!

We threw that bottle in the ocean, it had a pamphlet of the Restoration in it. We are hoping someone will be converted by it!

Just us being dorks!

A heart for Valentine's Day


There were some guys fishing, pretty sweet!

Corinto will always have a special place in my heart.

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