Thursday, September 11, 2014

Totolate/Matagalpa (March-June 2014)

Well Mom asked me a question of why I think I was called to Nicaragua, for obvious reasons it's because people need me here but in every one of my areas I have thought why I was called there and this is what I think...I've broken it up with companions
    Gonzalez-how to love the people
    Combe-how to laugh and have fun and teach
    Ewing-how to put everyone else first and trust your companion
    Cahan-how to love kids and gain their love and trust (I have a fan club of kids)
With every area there has been specific people that I have felt as if I was meant to teach them.

So rainy season is about to begin, I would give it maybe one more week. But in the night usually it rains, it has for the past week but the rain is freezing! But don't worry if I get too cold I will just....ha just kidding this place is too freaking hot to get cold. 

June 2 - the rain has now begun. On saturday it rained all day! It was just coming down by the sheets.

Me Cahan Morales and Subuyu were hanging off the back of a truck with all of our junk riding through Matagalpa.

Me and Cahan

Me and Cahan eating Mangos

That was on Pday when we played futbol as a zone, that is me and my DL subuyu, he had a really sweaty back in the shape of a heart

The zone! WOOH!

I took a photo with this dog about 7 weeks ago and now it is huge!

I jumped a fire to knock on our investigators door

At the bottom of that picture is where I threw up :(

This was on top of one of the mountains we have to climb everyday

This girl´s name is Estephany

This is Estephany´s grandma. Her name is Celia and she always gives us mangos from her mango tree and she always gives us food

This is a photo of a chicken with a shoe tied to it, it's so it's easier to catch the chicken...we thought it was funny

We found these amazing cookies that we used to always eat in the CCM, they are from Mexico

That's us for pday, we ate food there after playing kickball today.

Some recent converts have some puppies that they are trying to sell and they are the cutest thing in the world! This one´s name is Karey

Some cows in the river, just another day in Matagalpa

I was just having some fun with our recent convert's machete, everyone here has a machete, it's your knife, it's your lawn mower, it's everything!

I was sweeping their dirt, one of their daily chores here in Nicaragua, must make that dirt clean

My favorite little girl, Estephany!

I was trying to put a chicken to sleep but it wouldn't go to sleep, apparently you stick its head under its wing and then place it on its side with the head and it goes to sleep, pretty sure it just cuts off the circulation so then they don't move, but it's pretty funny!

This is the son of the president of the rama Matagalpa, not my rama but this kid wanted to take a picture with me so I couldn't say no to that face

Me and Cahan holding baby chicks!

Then we decided to eat the chicks, actually we had the mom for dinner, quite good chicken

Estephany was too tired to walk up to her house after church so I put her on my shoulders, she weighs a whole lot...

Our long walk and you have to walk up steps to get to her house

We visited this today for p day. Its called Cascada Blanca

That is Willardson, Me and Cahan...the only white girls in our zone

Behind the waterfall!

Just me and the Cahan

I was trying to pull a Hercules pose

The Zone

This is our district. That's me, my comp Hna Cahan, Hna Villacorta, and Hna Martinez then the Elders Subuyu (DL) Rigby (ZL) Ochoa (ZL) Morales

Me and Cahan

I love this dog! Some recent converts have puppies and I always play with this one everytime

She was laughing at my face because I refused to take a serious photo so I went with a goofy photo

The best recent converts in the world! From left to right: Ana, Xiomara, Cahan, Celia, Estephany, Me and Jose Ricardo!

This is of me and Celia, she is like my mom!

Cahan, Jose Ricardo, Yo....he actually does like us

Me and Cahan

Chopping some wood...I really sucked, I was so bad they took the ax away

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